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Legal Documents

Articles of Incorporation

  • Articles of Incorporation as signed on 07/02/2002 can be found here.


  • A PDF copy of the By-Laws:
    • As approved at the organizational meeting on 07/12/2002 can be found here. (Archive)
    • As approved at the special public meeting on 12/02/2014 can be found here. (Archive)
    • As approved at the public meeting on 11/14/2017 can be found here. (Archive)
    • As approved at the public meeting on 05/15/2018 can be found here. (Current, Excluding Amendment)

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

  • A PDF copy of the Deed Restrictions, as amended and filed on 04/21/2003 can be found here.

Annexation Documents

Guidelines and Policies