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HOA Ballot / Proxy / Voting / Rumor Clarifications

I would like to take a minute to clarify some details to eliminate some of the confusion and/or wrong information that is circulating; topics that were discussed at the previous Board meeting as part of the document approval process.

Regarding the annual mail out that was mailed out by JDH last Tuesday (11/29/19) as well as emailed out by me to our Association distribution list, it contained a page called the proxy. This proxy can be used to assign your vote to someone else or to simply vote right then and there.

1. The proxy must be completed by the homeowner. Renters cannot vote. Folks walking around cannot complete the form for you. Each address is a single vote. For example, a husband and wife get a total of one (1) vote; NOT two (2)

2. There are three (3) sections to the proxy. The top, the middle, and the bottom.

3. The bottom must be completed for all proxies.

4. The middle section is where you can vote for 1,2,3, or 4 candidates. You may not vote for more than four (4). You may vote for less than four (4) if you are unsure about the candidates.

5. The top section only needs to be completed if you are not voting in the middle section. If you assign your proxy to someone you should ensure that they truly represent your best interests or that of the neighborhood as a whole; personal agendas and vendettas have no place in or on the Board of Directors.

6. Forged, incomplete, and/or invalid proxies will be tossed by JDH and/or the Secretary.

Regarding one of the rumors floating around that goes a little something like this: “Christopher is the reason behind all of the problems.” To be factual, the Board of Directors vote and the majority decision is then carried out by Christopher and JDH. As the appointed President by the Board I normally do not vote unless there is a tie, or it is an email motion which requires a unanimous decision. My primary role is keeping the wheels on the train and the train moving forward; as well as interfacing with JDH and each Board member multiple times a week. Secondarily, but still not all inclusive, I perform a lot of the administrative and research work necessary for the Board to function.  All told I spend over forty (40) hours per month serving our HOA. At the end of the day only the Board of Directors know exactly what is and is not going on; everyone else is speculating and/or providing their opinion.

For an online PDF copy of the document that was emailed and mailed out to everyone please click here.