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Volunteers Wanted

For the January 15th HOA meeting there was an agenda item for committee assignments and / or creation. Two (2) people showed up to the meeting and then left after approximately fifteen (15) minutes. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer on an upcoming committee, please send your contact information and resume to

NOTE: Depending on committee function and responsibilities you may be required to submit to a background check / verification which costs approximately $50.00. Committee members should expect to volunteer no less than ten (10) hours per month, have attention to detail, understand and agree to maintain confidentially as may be required, and be willing to put the needs of the association above their own personal goals.

Garage Sale

October 4th and 5th from approximately 7AM until at most 7PM is the Miramar Lake Community Garage Sale.  Come one (1), come all (9999), drive safely, be polite, and most of all, bring your money :).

Miramar Lake Community Garage Sale Sign