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Board of Directors

The board of directors for the Miramar Lake Home Owners Association is composed of five (5) residents who live within the subdivision.

Christopher Kotran

  • Start: 12/10
  • Term: 12/16 to 12/19
  • Position: President, Webmaster

Donald Richardson

  • Start: 12/15
  • Term: 12/15 to 12/18
  • Position: Director

Donna Consemiu

  • Start: 11/14
  • Term: 12/17 to 12/20
  • Position: Vice President

Jim Bertus

  • Start: Long Ago
  • Term: 12/17 to 12/20
  • Position: Secretary, Treasurer

Paul Kennington

  • Start:
  • Term: 12/16 to 12/19
  • Position: Director

Your board of directors meet on a monthly basis to discuss and handle any and all affairs of the association that may need approval or direction. Each meeting is compromised of a public open meeting and an executive closed meeting for the purpose of discussing items of a confidential matter such as specific accounts and / or contract negotiation.

If you would like to contact the board of directors you may do so by filling out the following contact request form.