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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Current Projects Under Review

The following projects, which are subject to available resources such as people and money, are subject to change without notice.  The board is reviewing each of the projects carefully so as to make informed and responsible decisions for our community as a whole. Projects may be implemented, tabled, or cancelled at the boards discretion based on available resources.

  • Gazebo – graffiti, security, trash, and vandalism. – COMPLETED
  • Entrances – reader board lighting for night-time readers. – Research Continues.
  • Lake peninsula – repair and / or re-positioning of lighting. – Research Continues (Not Cheap).
  • Playground – Security improvements (lighting and / or cameras). – Research Continues (Not Cheap).
  • Walking trail drainage / mud issues. – Research Continues (Not Cheap).

If you know of a concern or item which would benefit our community, please send your constructive thoughts to the board via this form.