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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Trash Service Change

The HOA board of directors is pleased to announce that effective September 2013 there will be a change to our trash service. Royal Services will begin providing trash and recycling services to the residents of Miramar Lake for less cost than the trash only service as previously provided by Republic.

For additional details on the new service, please click here.

Cats… The good, the bad, and THE PROBLEM

Several residents have been complaining about all the cats in the neighborhood lately (with lately being loosely defined). With that in mind, please observe the following:

1. Review the following regulations:…

2. If you are the custodian or owner of a cat, please keep it indoors so that it does not get trapped and sent to animal control for processing.

3. If you are fed up with all the stray cats running around, urinating and dropping feces in your yard not to mention all the other issues, I/we urge you to help the situation by following the instructions located here:…

4. The HOA, HOA Board, and Sterling are not the source of the cat problem and do not have jurisdiction over the cats. However, the Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services does have jurisdiction with your cooperation and assistance: or

5. One (1) or more homeowners are requesting that the HOA Board and Sterling institute a harsh fine policy backed by legal action against any and all homeowners who contribute to the cat issue. Please see item four (4) above.