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HOA Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

The Miramar Lake HOA meets at least once per month to review and address the affairs of the association. Usually the meeting is held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and begins at 7PM Central. Notice of the meeting is posted 72 hours in advance on the reader boards which are at the entrances on Boudreaux Rd and Dowdell Rd.

  • (Monday) 08/17/2015 @ 7PM – There will be a regular HOA meeting at the residence of Christopher Kotran (8226 Calico Canyon Dr). Click here for an online copy of the agenda.

Since the Miramar Lake subdivision lies within the boundaries of the Dowdell PUD it is important for the homeowners to know what is going on and when.

  • Meetings usually occur on the 3rd Thursday of every month beginning at 6:30PM and are held at the office of M. Marlon Ivy & Associates, Inc. (19333 Haude Road)
  • DowdellPUD Maintenance Tax and Bond Election
    • Please review the below linked notice from the DowdellPUD Board of Directors regarding the upcoming maintenance tax andbond election.Click here for the PDF letter.

Notice to Residents 081815

Upon recent property inspections of the community, I would like to remind all residents of deed restriction violations that are commonly overlooked. Click here for the full document.

Revised and Simplified – Exterior Improvement and/or Change Application aka Miramar Lake ACC Application

The new and simplified form of “Architectural Control Committee – Exterior Improvement and/or Change Application” has been approved for use by the board and posted on the Architectural Control Committee’s information page.

Change of Management

The Board of Directors for the Miramar Lake HOA are pleased to inform our fellow residents that as of May 30th, 2015 the services of Sterling ASI have been terminated. Effective June 1st, 2015 JDH Association Management Co. is the new management company for the daily operating and management functions of the HOA. For more details on how to contact JDH, please click here.

As the transition progresses through the months of June and July please expect further announcement of changes as necessary and appropriate.

Thank you,

Your elected and volunteer Board of Directors.

Garage Sale

October 4th and 5th from approximately 7AM until at most 7PM is the Miramar Lake Community Garage Sale.  Come one (1), come all (9999), drive safely, be polite, and most of all, bring your money :).

Boudreaux Rd Construction Impact on Miramar Lake

Recent correspondence from the construction company tasked with building the Grand Parkway and the ancillary roadways informed the Board of Directors for the Miramar Lake Homeowners Association of impending work along Boudreaux Road and other areas near the subdivision. The contractor advised that the Continue reading 


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Current Projects Under Review

The following projects, which are subject to available resources such as people and money, are subject to change without notice.  The board is reviewing each of the projects carefully so as to make informed and responsible decisions for our community as a whole. Projects may be implemented, tabled, or cancelled at the boards discretion based on available resources.

  • Gazebo – graffiti, security, trash, and vandalism. – COMPLETED
  • Entrances – reader board lighting for night-time readers. – Research Continues.
  • Lake peninsula – repair and / or re-positioning of lighting. – Research Continues (Not Cheap).
  • Playground – Security improvements (lighting and / or cameras). – Research Continues (Not Cheap).
  • Walking trail drainage / mud issues. – Research Continues (Not Cheap).

If you know of a concern or item which would benefit our community, please send your constructive thoughts to the board via this form.

Private Neighborhood Social Communications

Residents of Miramar Lake utilize Nextdoor for its online neighborhood social communications. Neighbors are able to share community events, recommendations, items for sale/free, crime/safety concerns, ideas about how to make our neighborhood better, and more. Please join us to build a better neighborhood! To visit and/or join the site, please click here.

DISCLAIMER: This site is separate from the Miramar Lake HOA and was started by residents for residents and is not under the direct control of the board of directors even though they are members as well.

Trash Service Change

The HOA board of directors is pleased to announce that effective September 2013 there will be a change to our trash service. Royal Services will begin providing trash and recycling services to the residents of Miramar Lake for less cost than the trash only service as previously provided by Republic.

For additional details on the new service, please click here.