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Meeting Schedule

The Miramar Lake HOA meets at least once per month to review and address the affairs of the association. Usually the meeting is held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and begins at 7PM Central. Notice of the meeting is posted 72 hours in advance on the reader boards which are at the entrances on Boudreaux Rd and Dowdell Rd.

  • 07/15/2014 @ 7PM – There will be a regular HOA meeting at the residence of Christopher Kotran (8226 Calico Canyon Dr). Click here for an online copy of the agenda.

Since the Miramar Lake subdivision lies within the boundaries of the Dowdell PUD it is important for the homeowners to know what is going on and when.

  • Meetings usually occur on the 3rd Thursday of every month beginning at 6:30PM and are held at the office of M. Marlon Ivy & Associates, Inc. (19333 Haude Road)

Current Projects Under Review

The following projects, which are subject to available resources such as people and money, are subject to change without notice.  The board is reviewing each of the projects carefully so as to make informed and responsible decisions for our community as a whole. Projects may be implemented, tabled, or cancelled at the boards discretion based on available resources.

  • Gazebo – graffiti, security, trash, and vandalism. – COMPLETED
  • Entrances – reader board lighting for night-time readers. - Research Continues.
  • Lake peninsula – repair and / or re-positioning of lighting. - Research Continues (Not Cheap).
  • Playground – Security improvements (lighting and / or cameras). - Research Continues (Not Cheap).
  • Walking trail drainage / mud issues. - Research Continues (Not Cheap).

If you know of a concern or item which would benefit our community, please send your constructive thoughts to the board via this form.

Private Neighborhood Social Communications

Residents of Miramar Lake utilize Nextdoor for its online neighborhood social communications. Neighbors are able to share community events, recommendations, items for sale/free, crime/safety concerns, ideas about how to make our neighborhood better, and more. Please join us to build a better neighborhood! To visit and/or join the site, please click here.

DISCLAIMER: This site is separate from the Miramar Lake HOA and was started by residents for residents and is not under the direct control of the board of directors even though they are members as well.

Trash Service Change

The HOA board of directors is pleased to announce that effective September 2013 there will be a change to our trash service. Royal Services will begin providing trash and recycling services to the residents of Miramar Lake for less cost than the trash only service as previously provided by Republic.

For additional details on the new service, please click here.

Cats… The good, the bad, and THE PROBLEM

Several residents have been complaining about all the cats in the neighborhood lately (with lately being loosely defined). With that in mind, please observe the following:

1. Review the following regulations:


2. If you are the custodian or owner of a cat, please keep it indoors so that it does not get trapped and sent to animal control for processing.

3. If you are fed up with all the stray cats running around, urinating and dropping feces in your yard not to mention all the other issues, I/we urge you to help the situation by following the instructions located here:


4. The HOA, HOA Board, and Sterling are not the source of the cat problem and do not have jurisdiction over the cats. However, the Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services does have jurisdiction with your cooperation and assistance:

http://www.countypets.com or http://www.hcphes.org/vph/

5. One (1) or more homeowners are requesting that the HOA Board and Sterling institute a harsh fine policy backed by legal action against any and all homeowners who contribute to the cat issue. Please see item four (4) above.

Miramar Lake Assessment and Payment Coupon For 2013

The Miramar Lake HOA board of directors is pleased to announce that due to diligent research, hard work, and vendor negotiations the homeowners assessment for 2013 remains at $605.00. On or about 11/05/2012 a mail out was sent to every member of the association which included the following items:

  • Agenda for the annual meeting to be held on 12/18/2012 at 7PM in the Schultz Elementary cafeteria
  • Proxy form for election of one (1) member who has an expiring term
  • 2013 Maintenance Assessment Notice and Payment Plan Coupons
  • Miramar Lake HOA Fee Breakdown as Budgeted Summary
  • Important Announcement from our management company

For your convenience you may download a PDF copy of the following document(s) by clicking on them.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to open, print, or view the file.

If after at least seven (7) business days from 11/05/2012 you have not received the mail out or you have additional questions, you may contact the management company for additional assistance.

New Online Association Account Access

For your convenience, you can now go online to access all of your account information. Once logged in you can pay your assessments and monitor the posting of payments to your account. In addition, you will be able to access your architectural and deed restriction compliance information. This new service is being provided to you by the management company on behalf of the association. To gain access to your online account with the management company please click here for further information.

The Grand Parkway

For more information on The Grand Parkway, the new toll road being built near Miramar Lake and surrounding neighborhoods, please visit the following website.


The segment that will be closest to Miramar Lake is segment F-2.


Oil & Rust Removal

The following suggestions have been derived from other sources and are not the recommendation of the Miramar Lake HOA or its board of directors and as such use is at your own risk.

Fresh Oil – The universal solution for fresh spilled oil is kitty litter.  Put a handful or so on the oil puddle.  If the oil spill is recent but, has already soaked in, this stuff may also draw some out of the surface so, try it before going to the next step.  If you use a brick to scrub the kitty litter, will also help.  This may take several times repeating, before all the stain(s) are gone.

Old Oil, Grease – This one’s harder.  People do different things for oil that has soaked in.  The ones worked best, in a test,  was Gunk brand degreaser and Swab a driveway cleaner product made by Gunk.  Both improved the situation but did not clean away the stain entirely.  The driveway cleaner did a better job but was more trouble to use.  The degreaser left an undesirable looking sheen, the driveway cleaner didn’t.  Another product is Castrol SuperClean and a similar product called PurpleStuff.  A likely place to find Gunk or Castrol SuperClean is an auto parts store.    There is also some acid you could buy, however, it is suggested this would be the last, last resort.

Rust –Oxalic acid removes rust stains from most things.  A grocery store cleaning product named ZUD contains Oxalic acid.  Wet the rust stain area, then sprinkle liberally with ZUD and then spray until the powder is wet.  Let it set for a few minutes, then scrub with a brush.  Repeating this a couple of times removed the rust stains.  Real oxalic acid is often sold as wood bleach, a powder—check the ingredients.

Other suggestions would be to contact your neighborhood hardware store for other possible options.  And as always, you should always follow the directions as specified by the manufacture.

Architectural Control

Before making any exterior improvements/modifications to your home, your account must be current and you must submit the signed Exterior Improvement Application to the Miramar Lake Improvement Committee for approval.

Exterior home improvements, such as replacing a roof, remodeling, landscaping or exterior building, any exterior painting (even to paint the same color), pools, basketball goals, etc. are changes that MUST be approved by the Architectural Control Committee of the Homeowners Association before any type of building or change takes place.

A prompt response will be returned to you once the application is reviewed. If approved, work may start immediately. If not approved, work may not begin, but you may submit a new application with different options concerning your improvement project.

Please send you completed Improvement Application and return with the required samples or plans to:

Sterling Association Services
6842 North Sam Houston Parkway West
Houston, TX 77064

If you have ACC questions, you may contact Sterling electronically by filling out the following contact request form.

{Webmaster put contact form here}

A PDF copy of the Exterior Improvement and / or Change Application can be found here.