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HOA Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

The Miramar Lake HOA Board of Directors meet at least once per month to review and address the affairs of the association. Meetings usually contain both a public and executive session where applicable accordingly to Texas law. The meetings are normally held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and begin at 7PM Central; exceptions could occur. Notice of the meetings are posted 72 hours in advance on the reader boards which are located at the entrances to Miramar Lake, The Preserve at Miramar Lake, and Willows Edge. Meeting agendas are emailed out to folks who have previously registered their email address with the management company.

Board meeting agenda for 01/21/2020

Since the Miramar Lake subdivision lies within the boundaries of the Dowdell PUD it is important for the homeowners to know what is going on and when.

HOA Ballot / Proxy / Voting / Rumor Clarifications

I would like to take a minute to clarify some details to eliminate some of the confusion and/or wrong information that is circulating; topics that were discussed at the previous Board meeting as part of the document approval process.

Regarding the annual mail out that was mailed out by JDH last Tuesday (11/29/19) as well as emailed out by me to our Association distribution list, it contained a page called the proxy. This proxy can be used to assign your vote to someone else or to simply vote right then and there.

1. The proxy must be completed by the homeowner. Renters cannot vote. Folks walking around cannot complete the form for you. Each address is a single vote. For example, a husband and wife get a total of one (1) vote; NOT two (2)

2. There are three (3) sections to the proxy. The top, the middle, and the bottom.

3. The bottom must be completed for all proxies.

4. The middle section is where you can vote for 1,2,3, or 4 candidates. You may not vote for more than four (4). You may vote for less than four (4) if you are unsure about the candidates.

5. The top section only needs to be completed if you are not voting in the middle section. If you assign your proxy to someone you should ensure that they truly represent your best interests or that of the neighborhood as a whole; personal agendas and vendettas have no place in or on the Board of Directors.

6. Forged, incomplete, and/or invalid proxies will be tossed by JDH and/or the Secretary.

Regarding one of the rumors floating around that goes a little something like this: “Christopher is the reason behind all of the problems.” To be factual, the Board of Directors vote and the majority decision is then carried out by Christopher and JDH. As the appointed President by the Board I normally do not vote unless there is a tie, or it is an email motion which requires a unanimous decision. My primary role is keeping the wheels on the train and the train moving forward; as well as interfacing with JDH and each Board member multiple times a week. Secondarily, but still not all inclusive, I perform a lot of the administrative and research work necessary for the Board to function.  All told I spend over forty (40) hours per month serving our HOA. At the end of the day only the Board of Directors know exactly what is and is not going on; everyone else is speculating and/or providing their opinion.

For an online PDF copy of the document that was emailed and mailed out to everyone please click here.

Volunteers Wanted

For the January 15th HOA meeting there was an agenda item for committee assignments and / or creation. Two (2) people showed up to the meeting and then left after approximately fifteen (15) minutes. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer on an upcoming committee, please send your contact information and resume to

NOTE: Depending on committee function and responsibilities you may be required to submit to a background check / verification which costs approximately $50.00. Committee members should expect to volunteer no less than ten (10) hours per month, have attention to detail, understand and agree to maintain confidentially as may be required, and be willing to put the needs of the association above their own personal goals.

2018 Annual Meeting and 2019 Assessment Notice

The mail out for the 2018 Annual meeting and the 2019 assessment notice along with individualized homeowner statements were sent out in the mail just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Please click here for a PDF copy of the mail out.

100718 – Miramar Lake gazebo is CLOSED

The Gazebo on the peninsula of the lake in Miramar Lake is CLOSED pending the upcoming safety maintenance. Yellow caution tape has been strung around the entrance of the gazebo to alert folks of the safety hazards. Please notify your children, family, and friends that the gazebo is CLOSED and that everyone should stay out of and off of this area until repairs have been completed.

Special Board of Directors Meeting for 07/31/18

A Special Board of Directors meeting has been called for 07/31/2018. Click here for the agenda.

Notice of Vacated Board Position

After approximately twelve (12) years of service to the Miramar Lake HOA Jim Bertus submitted his resignation this week and in turn the Board reluctantly accepted it. The Board has lost a strong individual.
If you live and own a home in Miramar Lake, The Preserve at Miramar Lake, or Willows Edge then you pass the first requirement to becoming a Board member.
If you can pass a background check then you pass the second requirement to becoming a Board member.
If you are interested in stepping up to serve your community as a whole then please reach out to me via messenger, email, or phone to schedule an appointment for discussion. I have already spoken to at least three (3) possible candidates for appointment by the Board to this vacated director position.
DISCLAIMER: I provide this disclaimer because I have been informed by a current anonymous Board member that I did not do a good enough job of warning them before they stepped up. Being a part of the HOA Board means that there is a strong chance that you will be involved in one or more lawsuits that have the potential to impact your personal finances and lives.

HOA Meeting Location Change

On May 14th, 2018 a decision was made to move all future HOA meetings to the Klein Multipurpose Facility located on 2920. This decision was not made lightly or swiftly. This decision excluded the already scheduled meeting that was to take place on May 15th, 2018.

2017 Annual Mail Out

A PDF copy of the 2017 Annual mail out can be viewed by clicking here.

Neighborhood Street Parking

We often hear on Nextdoor, Facebook, and in person about all the cars parked where individually we believe they should not be. Often times the main question is “Why is the HOA not doing anything about it?”. Often times the Deed Restrictions that are normally put into effect by an HOA are done so by developers and their attorneys. Unfortunately, the rules that they put into place do not always follow the laws in effect at the time or the future. Here in Texas public roads are regulated by the state, county, and cities when within their jurisdictions. The only time that an HOA can actually manage what does and does not occur on the roads is if they physically own and maintain them. The roads of Miramar Lake, The Preserve at Miramar Lake, and Willows Edge are owned by Harris County and in turn maintenance of them is performed by Harris County Precinct 4. What this means is that as long as folks are following the laws and regulations put forth by the State of Texas and Harris County, the HOA has zero (0) jurisdiction to say otherwise. Granted, neighbors should respect one another and come to reasonable arrangements to ensure that everyone has the ability to park and/or access their driveways. There are deed restrictions within the Miramar Lake HOA Deed Restrictions that are useless because state and county law override or trump them. For a refresher of state law, I encourage everyone to visit the following link which covers Chapter 545 of the Transportation Code; more specifically Section 545.302 as well as a few others.

Our large neighbors to the North, The Woodlands Township, put out the following newsletter in an effort to help better manage their parking issues.

I would take note of the following sentence from the first paragraph on page one (1):

“While some of these parking habits may not be illegal, they can contribute to an unsafe environment in the neighborhood.”

So, as you can see, The Woodlands Township recognizes the problem as well but lacks the legal authority to do much about it other than to have their police enforce the rules that are already in effect.

In closing, if we all do a better job at working together as neighbors then many of our problems might just go away; emphasis on might.